Black Hill Vertebrate Species List

Insects - Amphibia - Aves - Mammalia - Reptilia


Thick-tailed Gecko

Underwoodisaurus milii


Spiny-tailed Gecko

Diplodectylus intermedius



Tawny Dragon

Ctenophorus decresii

Tawny Dragon
Tawny Dragon, Ctenophorus decresii (male)
Morialta Gully CP. 3 April 2017

Coastal Bearded Dragon

Pogona barbata



Striped Skink

Ctenotus robustus


Spotted Ctenotus

Ctenotus uber


Greys Skink

Menetia greyii


Common Grass Skink

Lampropholis guichenoti


Three-Toed Skink

Hamiergis decresiiensis


Bouganville Skink

Lerista bougainvillii


Common Blue-Tongue

Tiliqua acincoides


Shingleback Skink or Sleepy Lizard

Tiliqua rugosa


Whites Skink

Egernia whitii


Adelaide's Skink
Morethia adelaidensis


Red-bellied black snake

Pseudechis porphyriacus


Eastern (common) Brown Snake

Pseudonaja textilis

Brown Snake
Eastern Brown Snake, Pseudonaja textilis

Hooded snake

Rhinoplocephalus flagellum



Adelaide Snake-Lizard

Delma molleri - Dalma


Common Scaly Foot

Pygopus lepidopodus


Striated Worm Lizard

Aprasia striolata


Insects - Amphibia - Aves - Mammalia - Reptilia

Note Reptile List as prepared by Derek J Mitchell 18/6/94 Scientific permit No E23438 - 01

source: Department for Environment and Heritage (2001) Morialta and Black Hill Conservation Parks Background Information, Adelaide, South Australia with additions

# Additions, Friends of Black Hill and Morialta Inc.
* Introduced species


This page updated 17 September 2017, page reformatted

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