Colonial Track Project Site

Project site history

This site was added to our portfolio in 2019. This site is also worked on by the 4th Creek Catchment Group and previously, the Norton Summit School and others. A couple of controlled burns occurred in 2018/19 on this site, resulting in the germination of broom seedlings. This gives an opportunity to blitz the broom, and hopefully, the seedback will be largely exhausted.
working bee October 2019
site map showing watsonia work and post burn work

Colonial Track Project Report - 2019

The recent burns resulted in widspread germination of broom seedlings. Our first Colonial Track working bee focussed on the removal of broom seedlings. This has had a large impact on the site, allowing natural revegetation to occur.

In addition to the working bee, others have supported us in working this site.

working bee October 2019
Working on the site 2019.
working bee October 2019
Showing broom, winter 2019. working bee October 2019
Working on the site 2019.

updated 25 February 2020
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